About us

Starting in 2013, Six15Films LLC has provided the most reasonably priced and customizable wedding video packages in Arizona. Headed by Arizona State University Film School 2012 graduates, every video is professionally planned, shot, and edited to the highest cinematic standards.

"Not only did our highlight video totally blow away all expectations we ever had but it seriously made our WHOLE wedding. And to think i almost didn’t get one!!! 6/15 films have the best pricing you can find and the 100% best quality!! The day goes by so fast and it’s so much all at once pictures are great but there’s NOTHING like a video especially one with as great quality and is perfectly put together like Walt does. We also watched our full length video last night for the first time and again were transported back to that day and even that video was just perfection he puts extra special touches in it and I just couldn’t have asked for a better videographer thank you and your 2nd shooter so much for making the very chaotic and stressful wedding worth it, seeing our video brings nothing but a smile to our face and happiness from that day and that’s all we will remember thanks to these video memories ♥" Tylar + Jake

"Walt is super professional and knows what he is doing-- he has a great team. I was so impressed by how fast our highlight video and DVD came. The quality was amazing and it's something I will watch all the time. A great investment and SO reasonably priced. I highly recommend using them for your wedding-- you won't regret it!" -Laci + Kevin 


"We just received our highlights clip back and we are absolutely IN LOVE. I watched most of Walt's wedding videos before hiring him and continued up to our wedding day, so I asked him if he could do a list of some of the same things in our video(s) as he did in others. He totally followed through! I cannot cannot cannot wait for our full-length film, but our highlights video gave me the chills back from our perfect wedding day. He captured us as a couple perfectly and the video flowed so well. To top it, his prices were beyond reasonable, so we were actually able to afford a videographer." Jess + Jarin